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The whole world has heard about bb guns but not as many people know about airsoft guns. People often just see these guns as "toys" and not a real replica gun at all. The thing is that air soft guns, pistols and rifles offer a huge amount of fun and even relaxation for anyone who gets involved with it as a hobby.

The liberals of the world think that anyone who has any desire to own a gun of any kinda is a borderline homicidal maniac - this is just pure crap. There is nothing wrong with admiring the craftsmanship in a gun and wanting to own one. It doesn't mean that you're going to use it to hurt anyone. The cool thing with airsoft is that you can own a totally harmless well crafted replica of a modern (or older) military firearm that you can show off your friends but is not capable of harming any living being.

A standard bb gun fires a lead pellet which can cause harm to humans or animals when used with precision and practice. Airsoft guns fire a small 6mm (or the new 8mm) plastic pellet which are available in 0.12g, 0.20g and 0.25g variants. Even at high velocities and close range these pellets are incapable of causing more than bruising - unless they're fired directly at a persons eye. Not every gun fan wants to cause harm to people or even animals and airsoft guns are ideal for you gun fans out there.

The whole airsoft hobby is pretty new but has become massively popular in a very short space of time. Airsoft guns can be used for plinking tin cans in your living room or back garden. The more powerful electronic airsoft guns can be taken and used in airsoft wargames (these are becoming really popular all over the world). Or you can you just can just hang the airsoft replica over your fireplace and let it become a conversation piece for your buddies.

Another big bonus for airsoft fans is the huge variety of guns available - you have gas, spring and electric in rifles, pistols, assault rifles and even grendade launchers. You can get an airsoft version of everything from a standard glock to the more modern Steyr or G36 assault rifles - and for a lot less money than you could ever have imagined. Heck you can even get an airsoft minigun!

It doesn't stop there for airsoft fans - you have all the accessories to choose from them. From protective face masks and body armor to harnesses and even pop-up airsoft targets for keeping your skills sharp. You can even go as far as adding a Tasco tactical lamp or even a laser sight.

Airsoft is here to stay - why not get involved today?