Airsoft Body Armor and Clothing

Airsoft will start as a hobby for you. Initially you'll just buy the airsoft gun itself and some airsoft ammo. The next step is to maybe buy a target but sooner or later you'll wind up buying some of the tactical clothing that goes with the airsoft hobby. It's just part of the hobby really and generally adds to the entire experience of being an airsoft shooter. How much or how little of this clothing you own is entirely down to your own preferences and how realistic you want your airsoft experience to be.

There are a number of items that most airsoft hobbyists wind up buying in the - sooner or later.

Safety Glasses

Airsoft safety glasses are not absolutely necessary for airsoft target shooting indoors but they are recommended. If you want to play tactical airsoft (fighting other human opponents) you'd be stupid not to protect your eyes with some proper airsoft safety glasses, goggles or ideally a full airsoft facemask. An airsoft BB travelling at 300 feet per second hitting you in or near your eye could cause temporary or permanent blindness.

Body Armor

Once you enter the realm of tactical or wargame airsoft games you'll need to protect yourself. Airsoft bbs are small but travel incredibly fast and do hurt when they hit you. Their surface area is much smaller than say a paintball but that doesn't mean that they won't bruise or potentially break the skin when they hit you (from personal experience). You can get a light airsoft vest that features permanent plastic plates that are designed to keep you safe from airsoft impacts and even from paintball guns hitting you. These really do look the part and can add a lot of atmosphere to your airsoft gaming.

Tactical Combat Vest Airsoft Gun Accessory

Tactical Vest

If you're sick and tired of losing airsoft bbs, co2 cartridges and other such items then it may be time to get yourself a tactical vest. These basically act as a carryall that you wear. They come in two basic forms - a harness and a sleeveless jack that you wear. Considering you're already probably wearing airsoft tactical armor the harness type will better suit your needs. Are these essential items? They're great for holding spare ammo, snacks, a water canteen and maybe even an extra holdout weapon like a blowback airsoft Glock. That's just to give you some ideas for example.

Ghillie Suit

This is a type of camoflage most often used by snipers in the real world. The same applies to tactical airsoft combat - Ghillie suits will do you no favors unless you intend to play in a snipers role. They do offer camoflage but tend to be quite heavy and any "enemy" soldier who sees a small set of bushes running away or hiding behind a wall is not going to be fooled. A ghillie suit is a great airsoft game accessory but only when used properly and in the right environment.

Tactical Helmet

Ok this item of clothing is only for the absolute, total and utter airsoft fanatic. You don't require a helmet during airsoft games - airsoft bbs cannot penetrate kevlar (no seriously they can't!). For the serious players though a proper helmet is part of the uniform and standard tactical equipment and as such they wouldn't be seen on the battlefield without one. The choice is yours on this one.