Airsoft Gun Safety for Children

While Airsoft guns shoot lightweight plastic BB's which rarely cause serious injury if the recommended face protection is worn, they can, on occasion, put out an eye or chip a tooth. Airsoft guns are increasingly popular among minors who use them in "friend-to-friend" games of combat. Even though these guns are used by minors, under some state laws (such as California) only an adult can purchase an Airsoft gun, and minors can use them only with parental permission. However the accounts of unsupervised minors with Airsoft guns is way up, and because Airsoft guns look so much like real guns, police are concerned; they believe a child toting an Airsoft could be mistaken for carrying a real gun, causing a police officer to mistakenly shoot an innocent child.

Parental Information

Most parents know very little about the Airsoft guns their children are clamoring for. Salespersons say that at least 20% of the parents who purchase Airsoft guns for their children are overall pretty clueless about Airsoft guns, or any type of guy for that matter. The general feeling is, they're toys, how dangerous can they be? Most parents do not take into consideration that Airsoft guns can be near-perfect replicas of "regular" pistols, rifles and assault weapons. Even the typical product descriptions for Airsoft include such phrases as "full scale," "life-like," and "highly realistic." Because they are marketed as toy guns, Airsoft guns are required by federal law to have the blaze orange tip that identifies them as "not real," however the tips are relatively small and hard to see, most especially in low light. Many times, the owners of the guns (minors) pry off the orange tip or cover the tip with tape or marker, making the Airsoft look exactly like a real gun. Parents need to be up to speed about Airsoft guns before they purchase one for their children, then they must ensure that the children follow the safety requirements.

Where to Play

Adults who play Airsoft games generally play on private land or commercial Airsoft Parks, however younger players don't always have these options available to them. Airsoft parks can be a long way away, making them prohibitive to youngsters who don't drive, and others have a minimum age of 13 posted. Kids, therefore, tend to organize a more public type of Airsoft game which can be played in yards, on neighborhood streets, or in public parks, which may or may not be legal. Most current ordinances weren't written with Airsoft guns in mind, although a few have been revised to meet the need. Again, parents need to be the enforcers, and ensure their children are playing Airsoft games away from the public where no one can mistake the guns for the real thing, and no one is in danger of being hurt by a runaway BB. The children need to wear appropriate eye protection at the very least, and it doesn't hurt for them to wear body protection as well.

Airsoft Gun Safety

Children need to be taught gun safety from the get-go so that when they eventually get a real gun in their hands they will already have the proper respect for guns as a whole. Police officers highly recommend that parents and their children take a gun-handling course before playing Airsoft games, or at the very least, take the NRA's Home Firearm Safety course. Parents need to make gun safety training a crucial part of owning an Airsoft gun, and need to participate with their children to ensure their understanding. Parents-teach your children safe gun handling rules and make sure he uses them, buy him a full face mask, and keep Airsoft guns locked and accessible only with your permission. Provide an appropriate place for your child to play, then actively supervise Airsoft games. And children-always point Airsoft guns in a safe direction, always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot, and remove the magazine and disconnect the battery until you are ready to use the gun. Wear eye protection and make sure everyone around you is wearing eye protection during Airsoft games, play Airsoft only where not prohibited by law, and never use or display your Airsoft gun in public places such as schools, parks, etc. Airsoft games can be incredibly fun for children and adults, you just need to follow regular gun safety rules even though they are toys.