TLC for Your Airsoft Guns

Even though they're not "the real thing", airsoft guns are pretty amazing. They're realistic looking, have the same or similar parts as firearms, and consequently need to be cared for meticulously in order for them to continue firing well. All types of airsoft guns, from spring powered to electric guns - including the hybrids - need cleaning and lubrication to keep them in top performance shape.

Keep the Outside Clean, and...

Caring for the outside of the airsoft gun is pretty simple. After you've been out shooting, use a clean cloth to remove any dirt, oil, grit, or other substances that can cause problems - like water or salt. The inside of the chamber and the barrel should be wiped out with a cotton swab to get rid of any dirt, grit, or possible remnants of exploded pellets or BBs.

Keep the Inside Lubed

Lubrication doesn't have to be done too often. After about 3,000 to 4,000 shots have been fired, your airsoft gun should be lubed. The best way to do this is with silicone-based oil. Just place a few drops into all of the moving parts of the gun or rifle as well as into the magazine, onto the bolt and into the chamber. Don't overdo it. Too much oil becomes a magnet for dirt and grit that can cause jams. A few drops is adequate, and be sure to wipe off the excess with a clean cloth. Once you've cleaned your airsoft gun, store it in a cool, clean (as in free from dust and dirt that might blow around) room. Storing it cocked will wear out the spring, so it's best to leave it uncocked for storage.

The Quality of Ammo Affects Maintenance

An excellent way to make sure you are maintaining your airsoft gun properly is to use quality BBs. BBs that are too light or are imperfect can cause damage to the gearbox of your gun. BBs that weigh at least 2grams or more are best for an airsoft gun. Metallic BBs and other kinds of foreign objects shouldn't be fired from an airsoft gun. And, don't reuse the BBs because once they're fired, the surface is damaged and that, in turn, can damage or jam your airsoft gun.

Use A Dry-Set Silicone Lubricant for Best Results

Heat and friction do the same thing to airsoft guns that they do to any type of mechanical apparatus. They cause wear. As an airsoft gun owner, you can extend the life of your gun by being committed to a good maintenance program that includes regular lubrication. Silicone greases limit corrosion, abrasion and premature aging of parts. Dry-set lubricants are great because they are carried in a solvent carrier to penetrate the mechanism. When the solvent dries, a thin, clear film of lubricant remains in place. This dry lube doesn't attract dirt, grit or sand as quickly as a wet lubricant does. Non-petroleum bases used in airsoft gun lubricants won't harm the plastic and rubber parts on the gun.

Taking good care of your airsoft gun, no matter what model you have, will ensure a long life for the gun and plenty of enjoyment for you.