AK47 - Automatic Kalashnikov Airsoft

One of the first true assault rifles ever made, and still the most common in the world, is the AK-47. Its selective fire ability, compact design and range of up to 330 yards have resulted in it being used worldwide in several wars and as civilian weapons.

ak47 airsoftThe name, AK-47 is a Russian abbreviation that roughly translates as 'Automatic Kalashnikov', the 47 referring to the year of its design, when Russian inventor Mikhail Kalishnikov first set about building the rifle. According to the designer himself, the idea for the gun first came about while he was in hospital, wounded by a German assault rifle during the Battle of Bryansk in 1941. The patients in hospital with him regularly talked about how their own army had nothing good enough to stand up to the German assault rifles.

A competition a few years later for a new gun to fire 7.62x41mm cartridges saw the first prototype, the Mikhtim, which won the contest on its ability to be dragged through sand, mud and dust and could still fire without jamming. These conditions were crucial for further development, as they mimicked conditions experienced in warfare across the world.

Its reliability in almost any condition is second to none. In spite of it being cheap, easy and quick to produce and incredibly simply to maintain, the whole design of the gun, but in particular the large space between moving parts, enables it to keep firing even when full with large amounts of debris. What this makes it perfect for is mass infantry fire in relatively compact and close combat, making its less than perfect accuracy irrelevant.

One of the problems experienced by governments all across the world with the AK-47 is its illegal trade, which takes place in all parts of the globe. Its low market price of just around $100 makes it very attractive to rebels, criminals and terrorists. It is now produced in many places, primarily for illegal use, although the legality of owning one varies depending on where you are.

Classic Army produce a stunning airsoft replica AK-47. It's made from solid metal, and unlike what other companies would do, the wooden parts are made from real wood, resulting in what could be used in a museum. The design is pristine, has a great weight of 7.5lb, so it doesn't ache to carry it around for a day.

No pumping, no cocking, just point, pull the trigger and the electric motor does the work, firing BBs at 312+ feet per second.