Super 9 Airsoft Sniper Rifles

If you are serious about playing airsoft war games or shooting at targets, you’ve probably heard of the Super 9 airsoft sniper rifles. These rifles are ideal for the gamer who wants to set himself up in the perfect ambush spot and then take out his opponents with speed and accuracy.

Super 9 Super Combo!

The Super 9 sniper rifle is designed to look extremely realistic and is modeled after a Belgian police rifle. With this rifle model, you can even place your bbs inside fake rifle shells so that they fire and can be ejected realistically, too. These rifles are on the big side of things, but, since they are meant to be used by someone who is set up in one spot in sniper mode this isn't really a drawback.

For optimal accuracy, you may want to add a laser scope and a bipod to your shopping list. A magazine that holds at least thirty bbs is another useful accessory. If you are going to be moving around a lot with your gun, you may also want to consider shopping for a shoulder strap - it just makes carrying a heavy gun around that bit easier.

It is common for these guns to be powered by a bolt action spring instead of gas or electric motor. However, this is actually an advantage, since the spring powered gun is extremely quiet compared to guns powered by other sources, which allows you to surprise other players more easily.

If you prefer to play paintball war games, you can also load your airsoft Super 9 sniper rifles with paintballs. However, you may not want to do this, since the paintballs can sometimes jam up the guns mechanisms and this can be difficult to fix - sometimes resulting in a broken gun.

Finally, be sure that you use caution when you fire your airsoft Super 9 sniper rifle. Although the bbs will not penetrate skin, they could penetrate eyes. You and the people you are playing airsoft war games with should all wear protective goggles and other airsoft protective clothing.

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